Referral Marketing Tactics

Referral marketing is the most effective and least expensive way to create awareness about your diagnostic imaging products and services.

When it comes to medical exams, patients will likely seek advice from their physician and receive diagnostic tests at the imaging facility recommended. Therefore, it is important to educate referring physicians about the leading edge products, techniques, and services you have to offer. Once a relationship is established, their loyalty can be leveraged through educational events and presentations where success stories and testimonials can be shared with others.

Here are a few tips on how you can establish new business relationships with referring physicians and organize effective referral marketing events and presentations:

Target Decision Makers

Referral marketing is most powerful when the word-of-mouth is coming from key decision makers. Determine who these individuals are and what topics they are interested in so you can tailor your presentations or communication materials accordingly.

To get you started, we've developed sample Community Presentations highlighting technology features and benefits, available for download through Image Maker Express. These presentations can be used as an oral presentation for an Event or can be designed as a direct mail piece for physicians to view in their free time.

Branding Starts With Your First Impression

Remember that every aspect of your event or presentation is a representation of your brand. Make sure you are well prepared to speak confidently and informatively about your imaging products and services and are able to answer potential questions people may have. Always triple check any printed materials being presented to referring physicians to ensure all the information is accurate and written professionally.

Canon representatives are happy to assist in educating you about the benefits of your new diagnostic imaging technology and reviewing your marketing materials.

Remember to Follow-up:

After hosting an event or meeting, always remember to thank your guests for their time and participation. Although they may not reach out to you initially, it is always beneficial to keep in constant contact to build your relationship. When the need for your services arises they'll know who to call and your persistence will pay off.

With Image Maker Pro, you can develop Direct Mail marketing materials and branded promotional give-away items to send to your guests as a Thank You gift.

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